#Press Review -> L’Espresso | Fukushima: A Nuclear Story
18 April 2016 nuclearlog

#Press Review -> L’Espresso

(…) A documentary directed by Matteo Gagliardi called “Fukushima, a nuclear story”. Indeed, the term documentary does not convey the essence of this unusual work. Rather, it can be described as an example of contamination between the canon of journalistic reporting and educational in-depth analysis, with the relevant contribution of manga drawings (for the first time “made in Italy” thanks to Teatro Primo Studio- Film Beyond together with the European Manga Academy). The result is everything that someone who prays for a television that is modern and at the same time respectful of our past, may ask for. Culture and art, deprived of affectations and snobberies, frame the work of SkyTg24s reporter from Japan Pio D’Emilia. (…)

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Riccardo Bocca – L’Espresso (Italy)